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  • Ctek 3300 Multi Use Charger

CTEK 3300 Multi Use Battery Charger

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Product Description

CTEK Power's Multi US 3300 is a primary switch mode battery charger, with pulse maintenance and is a part of a series of professional battery chargers from CTEK Sweden AB. These chargers represent the latest technology within battery charging. A recent addition to the CTEK family of "the smartest battery chargers in the world," the Multi US 3300 contains three charging modes, and automatically and easily charges all 12V lead-acid batteries, making it perfect for motorcycles, cars, lawn mowers, jet skis and any other vehicle with batteries up to 120Ah.


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Four-step Automatic Battery Charging Cycle
There is no need for any specific knowledge of batteries or their charging methods; the Multi US 3300 will take care of it. The Multi US 3300 utilizes a four-step automatic charging cycle. First, patented desulphation functionality allows for possible reconditioning of batteries that have lost significant power due nonuse. This is followed by Bulk Charging, when 80% of charging takes place; then Absorption Charging which completes charging up to virtually 100%; and finally Pulse/Maintenance Charging, in which the battery receives a pulse of electricity when the voltage drops below 95%, keeping the battery in perfect condition indefinitely when it is not used. If the battery is loaded and the battery’s terminal voltage drops to 12.9V the charger automatically switches back to the beginning of the four-step cycle. Also, the Multi US 3300 can be connected for months and it is specifically developed for seasonal vehicles.


Safe, automatic charging, utilizing three separate modes, suitable for all-weather conditions.

4-step battery charging explained.

Charger includes alligator clips with cables for instant connections, and a set of battery cables with eyelet terminals for semi-permanent installation.

3 Modes for Flexible Use
The Multi US 3300 is specifically developed for different needs, vehicles and batteries. With this in mind user have a choice between three different modes. The low-current mode (the motorcycle icon) is perfect for smaller 12V batteries such as motorbikes, lawnmowers, jet skies, snowmobiles, etc. The higher current mode (the car icon) is for automotive or marine applications with larger batteries. Finally, an additional winter mode (the snowflake) is specifically aimed at charging and maintenance in cold weather. It is also perfectly suited for Optima Red Top batteries.

Charging for All-weather Conditions
A very light and compact charger, but still extremely robust and water and dust resistant (IP65 classification), the Multi US 3300 is designed to charge and maintain batteries, no matter the weather, temperature or situation. The Multi US 3300 is certified for use between –4°F and +122°F. In order to make things easier and more convenient, the Comfort Connect (eyelet terminals) can be permanently connected to the vehicle’s battery.

Designed for Safety and Compatibility
All CTEK models are designed to consider the safety of the user. They are spark free, making the connection much easier and safer considering the gases batteries normally produce. The Multi US 3300 is also protected from reverse-polarity connections and is short-circuit proof. A red light on the charger will simply indicate that the charging cannot begin until the user has connected the charger correctly.

Key Features:

  • Four step, automatic switch charging, with patented desulfation functionality to recondition batteries that have lost power due to nonuse.
  • Charges 12-volt lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, Gel, AGM and Ca).
  • Maintenance pulse charging increases battery life and gives superb performance.
  • Pulse recovery of slightly sulphated batteries.
  • 3-current mode: The low-current mode for smaller 12V batteries such as motorbikes, lawnmowers, jet skies, snowmobiles, etc.; higher current mode for automotive or marine applications with larger batteries; winter mode specifically aimed at charging and maintenance in cold weather.
  • Low back current drain, low ripple and input voltage independent.
  • Delivered with two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals.
  • The charger can be connected for months, ideal for seasonal vehicles, and compact design with mounting holes allows for permanent assembly.
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