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MotorVac Carbon Clean 1000 Fuel System Cleaning and Decarbonizing Service 500 0220


Product Description

MotorVac Carbon Clean 1000 Fuel System Cleaning and Decarbonizing Service 500 0220

Part No. 500-0220 

  • Complete, professional fuel injection cleaning and engine decarbonizing service
  • Unique time saving adapter system makes connecting to the rail simple and fast
  • An easy to use online application guide provides visual, step by step instructions on how to attach to thousands of vehicles quickly
  • Built in diagnostic capabilities
  • Premixed detergent solution utilizes MotorVac's proprietary CarbonClean chemistry

Everything you need to provide the Tune-Up for the 21st Century!®

Congratulations on your selection of the MOTORVAC CarbonClean 1000.  By choosing this 

product, you are acquiring the most technologically advanced method available for cleaning 

harmful fuel system contaminants from gasoline engines. 

This is a self-contained cleaning system, designed to connect to any gasoline engine.  Once the 

unitis connected, it temporarily replaces the regular fuel supply with Fuel System Cleaner and 

Engine Decarbonizer which is a proprietary mixture of fuel and a specially formulated Cleaning 


With the engine running, the unitpumps the Fuel System Cleaner and Engine Decarbonizer 

through the engine's fuel system.  As the mixture passes through the vehicle’s fuel system, it 

loosens and dissolves accumulated deposits, which then pass harmlessly out through the exhaust 

system. Removing contaminants from the combustion chamber creates a more even burn of fuel, 

which improves horsepower, increases fuel economy, and reduces exhaust emissions. 


It is recommended that you perform the fuel system cleaning procedure on a vehicle every 

15,000 miles (24,000 km) to obtain the highest fuel system efficiency. 

MotorVac 500-0220
18.00 KGS
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