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Starter Motors Vision-OE

Starter Motors Vision-OE


Starters By Vision-OE Remanufactured Starters meet or exceed OE standards because they’re remanufactured using processes similar to the way new starters are made. Components are gauged, sorted, tested and renewed to OE quality specifications, and vital parts are replaced with new ones where needed. Every component and part must meet strict Vision-OE standards.

Scheduled testing of starters from the assembly line includes loading the starter to an OE quality specification. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, our test engineers make certain that each starter model is tested with the load specification for its particular applications.

Because of this strict adherence to OE quality, a Vision-OE premium remanufactured starter installs quickly and easily, and provides cranking performance you can count on.


How Vision-OE Remanufactures a Starter

Housing - Mounting threads, surfaces inspected and renewed as necessary

Bushings, Rollers, Springs, Caps - All replaced throughout

Brushes - Replaced throughout where applicable

Solenoid - Renewed and tested to OE specifications

Armature - Inspected, straightened and

balanced as necessary picture-6.png

Commutator - Machined, tested for

“run out,” or replaced as necessary 

Drive gears - Inspected and replaced as necessary

Lubrication - All pivot and contact points inspected

and lubricated

Starter Performance Testing 

Vision-OE premium remanufactured starters are tested to make certain they meet OE quality standards for every application. Vision-OE has laboratory facilities to support engineering and quality testing of its remanufactured starters, and production samples are performance tested based on their application. Few other remanufacturers have the capability and facilities to test products as thoroughly. 

Depend on Vision-OE premium remanufactured starters to install easily and operate dependably, and provide a more economical repair. For those who want the extra benefits of new parts, Vision-OE also offers 100% new starters.