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XtremeStop Brake Pads

XtremeStop Brake Pads

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Xtreme Stop Brake rotors and pads

“An InnovatIve Approach to Brake rotors and pads engIneered to Work Best together – has arrIved on the Canadian Automotive after market.”


The product of more than three years of engineering, testing, and product development, the Xtreme Stop line of rotors and pads is a first in both its approach and the technologies it employs. 

For several years the visually stunning Xtreme Stop Rotors have been gaining traction with aftermarket businesses that are looking to provide their customers with a first-line OE replacement line that delivers on-the-road stopping power, and also delivers to the bottom line. While they may look like the same high-performance or racing rotors that many veterans of the aftermarket have seen, these rotors are in fact specifically engineered to provide OE performance, with an added bonus: the cross-drilled and slotted rotors reduce heat and brake fade, extending pad life and stopping performance, particularly on panic stops and repeated hard braking situations. 

“We’re really not inventing anything new,” says Ed Demirci, 

Vice-President of family-owned Durotech Automotive Industries. “Race 

engineers started cross-drilling rotors in the 1960s. We take a tried and 

tested technology and with R&D funding from the Canadian government 

our in-house engineers further enhance the function of heat dissipation, 

stopping power and even corrosion resistance to serve all makes and 

models. Today, 50 years after it’s inception you’re seeing more and more 

cars and motorcycles come off the line with cross-drilled and slotted 

rotors. Better stopping means better safety for