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Air Quality and Ionizer Products

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Air Quality and Ionizer Products

Cliplight 170Air Fresh Air Ozone Purifier Box Ionizer


Cliplight Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1976 and has grown into an innovator and manufacturer 
of products in three global markets: Automotive and Heavy-Duty, HVAC, and Battery Chargers.

The company began its efforts on a single SKU, The Cliplight worklight, which remains tried and 
trusted today.  Cliplight has expanded its Automotive offering to include LED worklights, 
Super Seal™, in addition to leak detection, air purification products, and more.

The HVAC division was launched in 1999 and after years of research, they invented the first 
AC/R sealant.  More than a decade later, Cliplight remains the leader in sealants 
and continues to develop industry-best chemical technologies.  

Cliplight’s head office is in Toronto, Canada.